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12 Week Group  Nutrition Intensive!


12 Week Group Nutrition Intensive



Welcome to Bariatrics & Beyond 
12 Week Group Nutrition Intensive


This is a program for bariatric patients, created by a bariatric patient, because our needs are DIFFERENT!

Christina’s education and life experience in the bariatric world will help you create a Nutrition Coaching Experience to give you a running start at all of your Nutrition Goals.

Each week you will meet via Zoom Cloud with Christina to discuss the weeks highs and lows. You will discuss your weekly focus and Christina will provide tips and tricks to make this work in the real world. She will give ideas on recipes, foods, macros, water intake, meal prep and more! There will be a private messenger group for everyone included and you will then have the opportunity to customize your accountability and support to your needs. Some people need to check in daily (via Facebook messenger), others prefer every few days, and some only want to check in once per week. It’s driven by YOU!

It is a 12 week commitment so that we can really work together, figure out what you need and how best make the changes you are hoping for.

This is an example of what the weeks will look like but they may change slightly based on the needs of the group.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Getting to Know You and Discovering Your Tendency

Week 2: Goal Setting and Vision Creation

Week 3: Metabolism and How to Improve Yours

Week 4: Adding More: Fruits, Veggies and Water

Week 5: Protein and Fibre

Week 6: Artificial Sweeteners AND Becoming a Dial Instead of a Switch

Week 7: Managing Cravings and Getting Back On Track

Week 8: Macros

Week 9: Tracking

Week 10: Ingredient Swaps

Week 11: Dining Out & Socializing

Week 12: Maintaining Your Loss

If you’re ready to get started on your nutrition goals!!

Once you join the Nutrition Coaching program, you will be prompted to fill out a Nutrition Survey so that Christina has a good idea of your current nutrition habits.

Ready? There are only 10 spots available! Our next round will run in September 2023.

Paid in full – $450 for the 12 weeks

Payment Plan – $158 per month (3 months total)

Extra Payment Plan – $50 bi-weekly (10 payments total)

“My favorite thing about these session is that Christina meets me where I am and guides me to where I need and want to be!”


What You can Expect



Every week you will meet with Christina via Zoom Cloud for up to 30 minutes to discuss the weeks highs, lows and any adjustments needed as part of your plan!


You can choose to check in via Facebook Messenger daily, every few days or weekly. You can send your food journal, ask questions or simply discuss your struggles/celebrations. It’s whatever YOU need.


Get advice on a variety of topics including macro balancing, meal planning and prepping, recipes, dining out and more! You have the experience of a Bariatric Success Story combined with the education of an Addiction Counselor and Nutrition Coach at your fingertips!

“I have spent countless hours in the past with Nutrition Coaches, I got more out of my 30 minute session with Christina than I did out of ALL of those other sessions!”

Sarah, KT, USA

Ready to say YES to your Nutrition?

Paid in full – $450 for the 12 weeks

Payment Plan – $158 per month (3 months total)

Extra Payment Plan – $50 bi-weekly (10 payments total)

Do you prefer 1:1 support? Get the same great program in a 1:1 setting!


Paid in full – $650 for the 12 weeks

Payment Plan – $240 per month (3 months total)