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My name is Christina and I was OBESE.

You’d never know it to look at me now, but I have struggled with weight for most my life. I’ve done every crash diet, fad diet and “this isn’t a diet” out there…and I failed at them all!

The thing about being overweight, that you can’t understand unless you’ve been there, is it’s not just a physical journey – it’s mental. That weight drags you down mentally and emotionally and holds you back in so many areas of your life.

This is how I lived my entire life. I always settled for less than I deserved because I was afraid to go after what I really wanted – for fear of failing.

In December 2015, I finally decided I was DONE! I wasn’t settling anymore and I made a decision FOR ME. I decided to undergo bariatric surgery. Living on the diet rollercoaster had ruined my metabolism and I was to the point that it didn’t matter which diet I did, I could not lose weight.

I traveled to Mexico in February 2016 to have my gastric sleeve surgery. I knew this wasn’t going to be the “easy way out” and that I was going to have to completely revamp my life.

With gastric sleeve surgery, you don’t just get a tiny little stomach – it completely resets your metabolism. This “reset” gives you a fresh start to be a lean, mean, fat burning machine! I knew that I wanted to maximize this opportunity, but I had NO CLUE what healthy looked like. I had done so many diets in my lifetime that if it wasn’t a diet, I was clueless. I decided to return to school to become a Certified Health Coach. As time went on I realized that my newfound nutrition knowledge would not only help me in my journey but could help so many others…and thus a business was born!

The programs I have developed and shared for healthy eating after bariatric surgery have helped more people than I ever imagined they would. I am honoured and blessed to get to share in the journeys of people from all over the world and to play a small part in their success.

I would LOVE to tell you that all I changed was the food I ate or how much of it I ate…but my life after bariatric surgery is different in so many other ways. I did NOT just change my nutrition. I didn’t just add fitness… The toughest battles I fought along the way have been the mental ones. Without the support of the bariatric community I would not be where I am today. This is the reason why ALL our programs include support. I believe it is KEY to your success.

I am not a dietitian or nutritionist.

I’m a health coach who has been in your shoes.

I know the struggles you go through because I have been through them. I also know I can help you overcome them because I have overcome them myself.

I look forward to sharing in your story and helping you to write your very own happily ever after.

I’m Lindsay!

I have been a health, fitness and life coach for more than 16 years and I still LOVE to motivate and educate people all over the world.

I am also a mom and my biggest hope for my two daughters is that they will grow up with healthy habits—that they will view and treat their bodies in healthy ways as they grow up. To truly love themselves from the inside out!!

Here’s a little secret:

I wasn’t healthy or fit growing up and never played on teams. After gaining the “frosh” 30lbs, I travelled hard (drank and smoked my way through numerous countries) and when I finally “settled down” I was up 50lbs. I was unhappy and had no energy. I was working while my British husband (who wasn’t able to work yet in Canada) started working out, teaching himself to swim and getting into triathlons and running. I watched him get stronger (and thinner) and I was not happy. To be honest, I lost my sh*t!

I REALLY couldn’t handle my husband Ben getting hotter and hotter without me. It was time to find a way to join him!

I could have just stayed broken … I could have let that terrible day stay negative forever… but I slowly made it into a positive…the day I decided to find a way to join my husband on his fitness journey.

I started educating myself, how to fuel my runs, how to get stronger with weight training and soon others were asking me lots of questions as well. I found I LOVED to support others.

Eventually I went back to university for nutrition and fitness and I completely changed the direction of my life.

I understand all the reasons why we can’t find the time to exercise. With two daughters who are active with extra curricular activities, my own business to run, and family beyond my daughters to care for, There are days I would rather be doing something else — anything else.

It is sometimes REALLY hard to put my workout clothes on and get sweaty. 

The biggest difference between the days of REALLY hard and the easier days?  Being with an amazing community ..…

It is easier when we do it together! 

Swearing together…

Sweating together…

We laugh, we joke, and we make exercise FUN!

Yes!!! FUN!!!!

When it is FUN, it no longer becomes a chore. Our thoughts change from “I have to” into “I want to…”

THAT change is your goal when you are brand new to the whole idea of fitness. 

AND movement does not need to take hours and hours. You can do it from home. In the comfort of your own home in less than 30 minutes. And you can make it fun!

There are still days I don’t “feel” like it!

There are still days I don’t think I have time.

BUT every time I get my workout clothes on, and start something…. I finish it and feel so much better after wards!


To Your Success,


How Bariatrics & Beyond was formed

Bariatrics & Beyond was created out of a genuine LOVE for the bariatric community.

Lindsay and Christina joined forces with a goal to make the most COMPLETE bariatric wellness program available.

Christina had the bariatric experience and the nutrition information on LOCK. Lindsay knows fitness and mindset like the back of her hand and bringing it all together was MAGIC.

We knew we could help people individually, but just changing what you eat, or just exercising is only PART of the equation. If you truly desire LONG TERM RESULTS – you need to incorporate ALL the pillars of wellness and that is why Bariatrics & Beyond was born.

At Sassy Evolution, we bring you a “been there/done that” approach coupled with a “keepin’ it real” outlook. We are authentic. And we will always tell it to you straight.

We are INVESTED in your success. We don’t care about a number on a scale, or a percentage of weight lost, we don’t have “numbers” or “quotas” to hit in regards to your weight loss – we want you to define what success means to you and let us help you get there.