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If you spend any time on TikTok, you have probably seen the “REVERSE” videos. They are entraining to watch BUT in reality doing things backward, doesn’t make much sense. 

You wouldn’t put conditioner in your hair before shampoo.
You wouldn’t put butter on the bread before it goes in the toaster.
You wouldn’t press record on the DVR before you pick the show you want to watch.
They just don’t make any sense.

This is an example of habit stacking that we do naturally:

Shampoo and then conditioner…….
Toast the bread and then butter……..
Pick the show and then press record…….



Those you do naturally without thinking about them. NOW imagine if ALL your habits were done as easily? Well with habit stacking, we are able to create a more successful process of behaviour change. 

Here are a few examples of Habit Stacking: 

1) After you finish dinner on Friday night, take 10 minutes to plan what you want your next week’s foods looks like. 

2) While having your morning toilet break, create your shopping list. 

3) After you pour your cup of coffee each morning, meditate for one minute.

4) After you take off your work shoes, immediately change into your workout clothes.

5) After you sit down to dinner, say one thing you are grateful for that happened today.


The more you can create a space for one habit along with another, the more likely you will be successful. 

Some more examples: 

  1. To remember to take your pills, put them on top of the coffee maker. In order to get the coffee ready, you need to take your pills. 
  2. Drink a glass of water every time you get up to go to the bathroom. 
  3. Listen to a great podcast while doing the dishes. 


Are there any habits you have been stacking and not even realizing it?
Are there any habits you can think of to stack for success? 

Using habit stacking will really help you work towards your goals. Each one takes you one step closer. 


To Your Success,