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Hey Sassy Peeps!

This week in our coffee chat, Lindsay and I were talking about the diet roller coaster and why it simply doesn’t work.

Let me tell you from my own personal experience with “diets”…they do not work. They actually do far more harm than good. The restrict/binge cycle is not how humans are meant to live. The more we tell ourselves we cannot have something, the more we want it. We fixate…and eventually our will power waivers and BAM – we are so far off the wagon that we can’t even find the dang thing anymore.

The “diet” industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and sadly they succeed as we fail. If they gave us a plan that truly worked…that industry would cease to exist…and think of all of that lost revenue…So they want to give us a plan that gives results…temporarily. Enough to keep us coming back. Enough to give us the hope that MAYBE this time it will work…

So what does work? How do we find something that won’t create failure?

First, you need to know that there is no “one size fits all” in terms of what works. What works well for one person (in mind and body) doesn’t necessarily do well for someone else. So coming up with a customized plan that suits you and your unique needs, is key.

I would suggest starting with what works in your life. If you want to do a plan that relies around eating a lot of fresh seafood, but you live in a landlocked area that doesn’t tend to get this very often – it probably isn’t going to be overly successful.

If you want to live a paleo lifestyle, where you make all of your food fresh, but time isn’t something that you have a lot of, and you tend to do take out on busy nights…paleo may not be the best plan for you.

So start there, what is your life like? How much time do you have for prep? What kind of ingredients are you able to get regularly? What do you LIKE to eat? Who else are you cooking for? What is your schedule allowing for? Do you eat most meals at home or are you on the go a lot?

Then, we need to think about what your BODY wants. Do you have a hard time with dairy? With carbs? With certain veggies/fruits? What about proteins? What sits well? What do you struggle to digest? Going to a keto plan if you have a hard time with beef and dairy…makes very little sense and you will probably end up very frustrated.

Also, consider what your body loses weight on…but make sure that it is sustainable. Losing 10lbs on a carb cycling plan, but then 3 weeks in realizing it’s too tough and going hog wild on carbs, really isn’t going to help you in the long term.

Sitting down and creating a plan that will actually work for you in mind, body, and spirit is key. You want it to BALANCE all of the things in your life. You want it to feel good in terms of results, but also in terms of time invested and how it makes you FEEL mentally as well.

Our Get Your Sh*t Together Planning Party is a great place to create that plan. But if you cannot attend that, simply putting pen to paper, making notes, and trying to figure out what really works for you is necessary.

Take this time for yourself and you will be paid back in results.

Cheers until next time,