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Hey Sassy Peeps!

This week in our coffee chat, Lindsay and I were talking about Strong is the New Sexy and this is a topic that really hit home for me.

When I first had my surgery, I set a goal weight. I didn’t really have a clue what that weight would LOOK like, but I chose my lowest weight I had been as an adult and deducted an extra 10lbs (what I felt I still wanted to lose at that “low” that I had starved myself for).

That was it. There was no scientific research, no “what about muscle”, no real thought behind it. I worked my a$$ off for a goal that I really had no clue about. Sure it was a healthy BMI for me…but we all know by now, BMI is sort of garbage anyway.

So I worked hard. I got to my goal weight…and then I had a “now what?” moment. Actually, a “now what” 2 years. I maintained my goal by doing exactly what I did to get there. I ate well, I balanced macros…but when I would look in the mirror I just felt “skinny” and didn’t really have the body I envisioned.

I started to dig deeper into those feelings and realized I wanted to look healthy, and healthy to me meant muscle definition. I didn’t want to be skinny…I wanted more. This is confusing for someone who always just wanted to be thin…to realize that THIN wasn’t really the end all and be all for me.

So then I started to work on building muscle…but as I did that, the scale MESSED ME UP! My weight started to go up…my body started to change, my clothes fit differently. And I panicked. I cried. A few times. I wasn’t “THIN” anymore…My size 0 pants didn’t fit (boo hoo, right?). The scale went up 5lbs. Then 10lbs…The scale made me freak out. But the mirror made me love what I was seeing. It was so DAMN CONFUSING!!!!!!

I liked what I saw, I liked the muscle definition. I liked getting a nice round booty and being able to flex like a boss…but that scale…but my quads and thighs no longer fit in those pants…what the heck!!!

Seriously, guys, it was sooooo hard, but finally, I threw out the scale. Who CARED what the number on the scale said? I was STRONG! I could lift weights, I could carry my kids around without a problem, I could walk up sets of stairs without struggle (In January when I was in Mexico we climbed this massive staircase to the sky and I didn’t even die!!!!!). I was slowly learning what Lindsay had been telling me for almost 5 years…STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY!!!

I am sitting here today 20lbs heavier than I was at “goal weight” but I do not consider myself to have regained a pound. I feel toned and tight. I feel fit and healthy. And I feel like THIS weight is where I am meant to be, living my best self. I have a cute round butt, awesome arm muscles, definition in my shoulders that I only dreamed about 4 years ago, and I feel SO HEALTHY!!!!!

So trust me when I say, STRONG is better than SKINNY any day of the week. And…my biggest lesson in all of this – goals are fluid and meant to change.

Cheers to you and your ever-changing and evolving goals,