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Metabolic Reset

7 Day Real Food Meal Plan


Metabolic Reset

7 Day Real Food Meal Plan



Welcome to the Bariatrics & Beyond 

Metabolic Reset

7 Day Real Food Meal Plan


  1. set again or differently.


As you go through your weight-loss journey, things are naturally going to change. What worked once, may not work now. Old habits creep in, the scale moves up and try as we might – getting back on track is HARD!

We often seem drawn to extremes. We live in a society where “all or nothing” is the way of the world, and it can be tempting to restrict our diets this way while chasing results. However, we know that long-term these restrictive extremes, DO NOT WORK.

We know we need to reset our minds and bodies sometimes, so how do we do this without the extremes? By resetting your METABOLISM!

You are never going to shrink your bariatric pouch back to the size it was fresh out of surgery. The stomach is made of 3 layers of muscle and over time it naturally stretches. Plus, initially you were very swollen and that’s why 1/4 cup of cottage cheese filled you then and doesn’t now. It doesn’t matter how many “liquid diets” you do, that stomach is never going back there.

But that’s OK! The magic of bariatric surgery and WHY we lose weight, is NOT the restriction it causes. We learned from the mass amounts of “failed lap bands” that just restriction alone does not result in long-term, sustainable weight-loss. The reason why sleeve, bypass and the duodenal switch work in the long-term is because they reboot your metabolism and allow you a fresh start at good habits!


This reset is for you if:

  • You are 18+ months from surgery (or are non-surgical)
  • You are ready to drop the extremes and find something that actually works
  • You like eating delicious food (that is also good for you)
  • You are willing to follow a plan for 7 days
  • You want the weight you lose in the 7 days to be sustainable
  • You want to continue to lose weight after 7 days
  • You are frustrated, discouraged and feeling lost
  • You know there is a better way, but you just haven’t found it yet
  • You are open to trying something different

This reset is NOT a quick fix. It’s a 7 day plan to start resetting and revving up your metabolism. The plan includes foods and habits that will help your metabolism function optimally and get you back on the track to weight-loss.

It’s not a magic pill, but when followed, it allows your body to reset and start the process to sustainable weight-loss once again.

WHAT will reset your metabolism:

  1. Eating small, frequent meals
  2. Eating certain foods known to increase metabolic burn
  3. Eating the right amount of calories daily
  4. Eating a macro balanced plan, high in protein and fiber
  5. Eating breakfast daily
  6. Drinking enough water

WHAT you will get:

7 day meal plan, all required recipes, grocery list and access to our Facebook support community.

The plan is ongoing and can be done at any date you choose! We have people in our support community resetting on a regular basis, and our coaches have also completed the reset and are ready to help you! Once you buy the plan, it’s yours to keep FOREVER, so you can do the reset as many times as you want!

Are you ready?

The food on this plan is amazing!! Everything is so delicious….my problem is that I can’t eat all that I am supposed to eat.

– Leslie

Hi – I’m Christina!

I have been exactly where you are, and because I’ve walked the walk – I know what works and what doesn’t!

After I had my bariatric surgery in 2016, I realized the bariatric community was desperate for something different. We needed to learn how to actually LIVE a healthier lifestyle. We didn’t need more restriction, deprivation and rules – we needed to learn how to fit this new lifestyle into our real lives.

After I took my Nutrition Counseling certification and learned everything I could about nutrition, I dove in and started helping my bariatric besties learn to live their best lives AND crush their goals.

Here we are 6 years later, still in this journey together. I am so passionate about showing people how to thrive in their journeys and do it in a way that is sustainable for the LONG TERM.

I was in food heaven today. Not hungry in between meals/snacks!