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Recipe Book

Recipe Book

siWelcome to Bariatric & Beyond’s 
Recipe Book


Are you feeling uninspired by your food choices?

Do you get overwhelmed when scouring the internet for healthy choices?

Do you want an easier way to get healthy recipes?

What if you had a selection of simple and delicious recipes?

Our Bariatrics & Beyond Recipe Book is for YOU!

Your recipes will be emailed to you immediately in easy-to-read formats.

The Deets:

– 45 tried, true and trusted recipes

– Macros and calories are calculated for each recipe

– Recipes include a MyFitnessPal scanning code to enter them directly (Premium MFP required for this feature)

– Limited number of ingredients and directions per recipe (SIMPLE to make)

– Recipe categories include: breakfast, shakes, main dishes, salads & snacks

– All ingredients will be able to be purchased at “regular” grocery stores. (aka no specialty items required) 

– Instant delivery to your email inbox via digital link

– Can download and use as a digital book, print at home or print at a local print shop

– Winter themed recipes with comfort foods in mind

Bariatrics & Beyond’s Recipe Book


Tried, Tested & Trusted

All of the recipes are tried, tested and true this will help eliminate the dreaded “Pinterest Fail”. We have also sourced and published the nutrition information on each recipe, so you can ensure it fits with your plan without any guesswork!


Real Foods

Our recipes are made with REAL foods and don’t require any fancy ingredients or specific brands. We eat these recipes too, so we try to keep them SIMPLE!


What People Are Saying...

“I have been using Christina’s recipes for five years now, and they are a staple in my family. Everything from overnight oats that I have almost daily, to quick and easy dinners that my husband and son love as well!”


What People Are Saying...

“I love how easy they are and how good they taste. Some taste like they shouldn’t be good for you… but they are!!!”

– B.S.

What People Are Saying...

“You come with the best ideas and they are amazing!”


What People Are Saying...

“I loved the different items and how easy they were to make.”


What People Are Saying...

“They taste GOOD and not too many ingredients. Also, ingredients I typically have on hand ❤️


What People Are Saying...

“I loved how they were planned out. It told me what to eat and when. They also tasted really good.”


What People Are Saying...

“Taste great and easy to make for someone who never knew how to cook.”


What People Are Saying...

“Your recipes are delicious!!!”


What People Are Saying...

“The protein balls and overnight oats are easy enough for a non-cooker like me, and the Ezekiel bread stuffing made me SO HAPPY at thanksgiving.”


Purchase now and then check your email inbox (and junk mail) for your E-Book.

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