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Success Tool Kit


Back to Basics

Success Tool Kit

 Back to Basics

Success Tool Kit




Many programs promise FAST weight loss with little work. This is NOT true! BUT you can get amazing results if you focus on changing your habits over the next 30 days.

You got your surgery. You saw some success BUT bad habits started to creep back in. The pounds have started to add on. It started with 5lbs, then 10lbs…and now you won’t even get on the scale anymore.



You are using outdated strategies. You are no longer in your “honeymoon” stage and what worked before, will no longer work for you.

You lack consistency which means nothing is getting the results you want.

You are overthinking and underdoing ALL the things making your everyday tasks seem useless.

You are staying “busy” with all the wrong actions, making you feel overwhelmed, tired, and ready to give up.

You have NO SYSTEM, NO METHOD to really see those results and then you get angry and frustrated when you don’t see results.

Here is the TRUTH…

You are BUSY. With life. With kids. Family. Career. Trying to fit EVERYTHING in is exhausting and downright impossible.

NO WONDER you feel like giving up.


FORTUNATELY for you…. WE have found a BETTER WAY!


Introducing BARIATRICS Back to Basics: SUCCESS Tool Kit

First of all, this is NOT our first rodeo. We have worked with 1000s of women just like you, struggling to get the results they want, wanting to give up and feeling embarrassed that their surgery has not done what you thought it would!!

We (Christina and Lindsay) have been running our business for over 4 years, supporting and helping others just like you get results.


Christina has been maintaining her weight loss after sleeve surgery for almost 4 years, eating balanced sustainable foods, exercising, hanging with her kids, and living life. Christina also has an Addictions Counseling background which helps to coach clients.

Lindsay has been in the fitness and wellness industry for almost 2 decades and along with her Life Coaching certifications, has not only helped herself lose 50 lbs, but has helped a ton of women struggling with mindset issues that are holding them back with self-sabotage and negative self-talk.


Together we use our client experiences, our own life experiences along with our professional background, to support and help you along the way.


I’ve always been overweight and was morbidly obese before I left high school. As I grew older, and bigger, I developed many coping mechanisms to deal with my weight and to make it not hurt when I ran face first into the barriers my body created. Eventually those walls closed in around me and inside those walls my mind, and then my body, started to shut down.

Sassy Evolution has been a huge piece of putting me back on the right track. I needed to find wise counsellors and a tribe that knew what I had been through. That fear of trying and failing, but still needing to try.

These people have become my tribe. They support me, listen to me, even kick me in the pants when the old ‘stinkin-thinkin’ kicks in.

Sandra, AB, Canada

What’s Included?

Unit #1 

  • Welcome Video & How to BEST Navigate this Group

Unit #2  

  • 30 Day Planner
  • How to JUMP back on Track video
  • 4 Pillars of Success
  • 30 Day Habit Tracker
  • Assessment/Adjustment/Action MasterClass
  • Assessment/Adjustment/Action Worksheets
  • What is MINDSET Anyway & WHY is it Important Video
  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Worksheet
  • DEEP Goal Setting Worksheet


  • Metabolism 101 MasterClass
  • MACRO Cheat Sheet
  • 7 Day REAL FOOD Reset
  • Simplify Your Meal Planning Video
  • 7 Day Meal Plan
  • 18 Healthy Recipes

UNIT #4 

  • Fitness Fundamentals Worksheet
  • Weekly Workout Planner
  • Making Fitness Fun E-book
  • Common Exercise Modifications for All Levels Video
  • For Fun: Fitness Bingo
  • Pre Recorded No-Equipment Workout
  • Mini Stretch Video


  • Weekly Back to Basics TIPS & TRICKS

UNIT #6 

  • MasterClass Recordings


  • Celebrations


  • WANT More? Looking for More Support, check out our other programs.